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Many of the sites listed at left have technical explanations about why composting is important.

In a nutshell, throwing food and yard waste into a landfill directly contributes to global warming

Instead of wasting our organic - meaning plant-based - resources, we can recycle them into compost and use that compost to grow our food and beautify our gardens.  Compost helps replace topsoil - a resource that washes away in amazing quantities every year and is not being replaced. It is estimated that in 40 years, we will run out of living soil if we don’t change our agricultural practices.

To see how little food waste is being recycled into compost, see the chart below.

And check out the Cool 2012 site for an excellent summary of the reasons why composting is essential:

Why is Composting so Important?

Extra Credit: Articles

How-To Compost. By Will Dean in Grid Philly (May 09, page 12)

Methane emissions increased in 2008. In Waste News (04/22/09)

Study shows composting food waste can decrease global methane contributions by humans. Abstract from Waste Management & Research, Vol. 24, No. 5, 421-433 (2006) at SageJournalsOnline

Interested in composting? Many tools are available. By Al Heavens in the Philadelphia Inquirer (01/16/09)

Is converting Landfill gas to Energy the Best Option? By Janet Pelley in Environmental Science and Technology Journal (12/10/08)

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Bummer Graph Showing How Little Organics Recycling is Happening