Compost and Compost Systems



In partnership with the Compost Coop, we

now have bagged compost for sale!  Use it

straight or mix it in with your existing soil -

it’s dark, rich and provides all the benefits

of compost throughout the growing season.

Send us a note for more info & to buy some.

The Earth Tub

Philly Compost is pleased to announce our partnership with Green Mountain Technologies, maker of the Earth Tub!

Designed specifically for on-site composting of food wastes, the Earth Tub is a fully enclosed composting vessel featuring power mixing, compost aeration, and biofiltration of all process air.  This self-contained unit is ideal for composting at schools, universities, hospitals, large groceries and in your neighborhood.

If you are interested in learning more about how this system could be used at your location, please contact us and we’ll be happy to visit your site. We are using this system in our partnership with Sustainable 19125:  the Compost Coop.

Aerated Static Pile MicroBins

We have successfully used MicroBins, originally designed by O2Compost for composting horse barn manure and bedding.  This system uses forced aeration from a blower on a timer to achieve the desired temperatures for aerobic composting. Each bin is 4’x4’x4’.

This system works for composting food waste mixed with wood chips and leaves. 

Our next adventure will be to use this method of aeration with “static piles” on the ground or in bunkers.  Stay tuned!

Commercial On-Site Systems


Earth Tub Diagram

For Green Mountain Technologies’ complete information about the Earth Tub - and larger-scale commercial composting systems - click on the image above.

MicroBin in Use

This photo shows one of our MicroBins in use. For more information direct from O2Compost, click on the image above.

Where to Get a lot of Compost in Philadelphia?

We get this question almost every day and we say: keep it local.

Our recommendation: Fairmount Park Organic Recycling Center                                                                 

If you are a City resident, you can get up

to 30 gallons of thoroughly composted,

nicely screened leaf compost for free.

If you need more than that, head over

during their open hours with your truck,

weigh in on their new scale, fill up,

weigh before you leave, and enjoy their

very reasonable bulk pricing.

delivery to Le Meridien Hotel

Bagged Compost Available!

$5 for 5 gallons in re-used grain bag