Neighborhood Compost Map


Finding a Composting Site in your Neighborhood

Gardeners and confident composters:  share your experience and your bins!  You know that the best way to keep organics out of the waste stream is to compost in your own backyard.  The reasons are many:

>  no emissions from transporting organics

>  low tech

>  least expensive

“The map is such an awesome resource!”

- unsolicited email, Philadelphia resident

By placing yourself on the Philly Compost Map,

you’re not only showing overwhelming interest in

composting, you’ll also help us quantify reduced

carbon and methane emissions for our region. 

The more composters, the better for the planet!

Compost sites on the Map are color coded:

  1. Shared community sites are purple.  We ask donors to check with the Site Host before contributing.  If your site can accept more organics, or already has more than your household contributing to it, we ask you to share it.

  2. Private sites are red.  We ask that everyone check with the site contact before visiting.  if your site cannot handle more organics, or is in a hard-to-access space, we suggest you list it as a private site.

  3. Yellow sites are folks that would love to find a shared site nearby.  If your compost site is near one of these, please contact that neighbor and share your bin!

  4. Commercial sites are green.  We’re coming soon to Germantown!

  5. City sites are blue.

To add your site to the map:

  1. When viewing the map, click on the Edit button along the left side bar

  2. If you don’t see an Edit button, you’ll need to log in to your Google account.  If you don’t         have one, and don’t want to create one, send an email to us with the location of your compost site.

  3. After you click the Edit button, you’ll see options along the top left of the map itself.

  4. If you are clicked onto a point, you will be directed to edit just that point.  To create a new point, make sure your cursor is not clicked on anything.

  5. Click on the placemark icon (looks like a tear drop) and position it where you’d like.

  6. Or ... while you have the map visible, enter a street address in the map search bar, and select Save to My Map, then to Philly Compost.

  7. Change teardrop color to red (for private) or purple (for shared) site, and add any other descriptive text to the text box.

  8. Click the Done button when you are finished (over to the left, where the Edit button was).

Signage for Shared Compost Sites

Philly Compost has developed signage for use at shared sites.  Use our signs to let your neighbors know how to contact you and what they can put in the pile or bin. 

  1. Let us know if you’re using our sign since we’ve agreed to serve as your “back-up”!

  2. Enter the location as shown on the Philly Compost Map (for example, “500 block of East Street”)

  3. Put your name and contact information (phone or e-mail) on the sign as the Site Host

Click here to download the one page version: One Page Shared Site Sign

Click here to download the two page (larger fonts) version: Two Page Shared Site Sign